Stupid Simple Productivity transforms your boring new tab into a delightful personal productivity dashboard

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Hello, new tab

Omnibox, meet your commander.

Don't leave your keyboard to add, plan tasks. Start logging immediately with the box on every new tab.

This is not a todo list, this is a done list.

Standard todo lists account for progress only for tasks that were planned and most days don't go as planned
Every task logged into the omnibox is by default a completed item.

This will be turned into a done task
x This will be turned into a done task too

But... how do I plan?

A done list doesn't mean you can't plan. Plan your everyday without leaving your keyboard.

- This will be turned into a todo for the day
+ This will be postponed to the next day

Visualise your progress

Build momentum by seeing how far you've come


A snapshot of what you've accomplished everyday

Oh, by the way